Achievements so far…

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Modeclix. Redefining the future through design, material and service innovation. International awards:  Finalist RO Guiltless Plastic Prize 2019 Finalist Aesthetica Art Prize 2019 Finalist H&M Foundation Global Change Award 2018 Finalist Elsevier 3D Printing Grand Challenge 2018 Finalist 3D Pioneers Challenge, Germany. 2017 Finalist Purmundus Challenge, Germany. 2017 Best Fashion and Best Fashion Film– Bokeh … Read More

How to guide

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Modeclix can be put together in a variety of ways to achieve different forms. Modeclix panels are 3D Printed as flat linked flexible sheets but each link can be separated from its neighbour. Links can then be clipped together to form a variety of different  patterns, shapes and forms. We’re currently putting together some tutorials … Read More

Make your mark

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Modeclix can be used to make anything. We started Modeclix to see if we could 3D Print clothing and we can! Along the way we discovered that Modeclix could also be used to make many other things from hats to bags to garments to toys to… Over to you. We feel we’ve only just scratched … Read More

Drape and Fit

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A perfect fit. Modeclix flows, drapes and follows the contours of the body. Because Modeclix garments are built using a modular link, size isn’t a problem. Sheets of Modeclix can be connected together to create flexible flowing things of any size and because Modeclix is modular, garments can be adjusted to a perfect fit or … Read More

Construction Process

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Modeclix can be dyed any colour and linked together to make any pattern. Modeclix is additively manufactured from white nylon powder, a laser melts the powder a layer at a time to build the final 3D form. Once the 3D Printer has completed the build we then post process and dye the white Modeclix panels … Read More