The Modular Textile.

Modeclix is a 3D Printed textile that can be used to make an array of different types of flexible products, from clothing and accessories to toys and interior decorations. Modeclix consists of a simple linking component that can be locally manufactured as sheets of flexible material. Its innovation is in its ability to be infinitely deconstructed and then reconstructed by hand after printing. This enables Modeclix to simply be re-configured, re-purposed, repaired and recycled at any time. This extends both its use and the products lifecycle.

Imagine a garment that is made to fit the customer. Using Modeclix, they immediately have a more meaningful connection to the experience as the garment is made to fit them perfectly. The customer experience makes them feel empowered knowing that the material is traceable and the finished garment is made locally. They can return the item so that it can be adjusted or completely re-made to reflect their changing tastes, wants and needs. The ingenuity of Modeclix is that it is possible to turn a Modeclix dress into bags, hats and accessories and then back into a dress again!

Modeclix is a modular design solution that encourages customers to be part of a community that is concerned about the impact their behaviour is having on the planet. It empowers them to be part of a solution that addresses how material and service can become more circular. Importantly, it provides the customer with the means and the reassurance that their choices are positively contributing to reducing material waste thereby enabling them to be change makers with impact.

Modeclix is made from white Nylon powder using the Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printing process and can be dyed any colour. It can be customised and manufactured on demand through a local network of 3D Printing bureaux.

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